"Gold Star Children: Supporting Children Who Have Lost a Parent to War" is a documentary about these child survivors by Director Mitty Griffis Mirrer, a Gold Star Child herself. The film is a first-person narrative told through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl and the adult-children survivors of the Vietnam War. Gold Star Children from Vietnam to Afghanistan work together to make sure all child survivors know they are not alone. Older survivors reach out to help heal the younger generation of survivors through mentoring and community events. This documentary opens a window on a unique part of the American story – one that is happening now.

The documentary looks at the consequences of war through the eyes of the American Gold Star child: a 9 year old girl living in a trailer; a 40 year old mother whose father was killed in Vietnam; the Chief of Staff of the Army. All Gold Star Children.

Together the characters of this film grieve, love and hope.

The film breaks the silence, leading the way to show others how to ask for help, how to receive it, how to heal.

Mirrer weaves together an inspiring narrative about the redemptive power of sharing and the resilience of our nation's Gold Star children, who continue to carry the greatest burden of our country's wars.