Gold Star Children


Gold Star Children, a not for profit organization, was founded in 2008 to raise awareness about American child survivors whose mothers or fathers were killed or died while serving in the United States military. Utilizing film and interactive media, the current goal of Gold Star Children is to distribute the documentary film, “Gold Star Children” to every state in the U.S. and audiences around the world to remind the child survivors of war that they are not alone. The film is intended to draw attention to military families and those impacted by war. But, it is also intended to inspire and help non-military Americans understand, support and get involved with our military families and the children left behind by our fallen warriors.


Gold Star Children is a documentary about child survivors of war casualties, written and directed by Mitty Griffis Mirrer, a gold star child herself. The film is a first-person narrative told through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl, who lost her father in the Iraq war, and the adult-children survivors of the Vietnam War. Gold star children who lost parents serving in  Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq work together to ensure that all child survivors know they are not alone. Older survivors reach out to help their young counterparts through mentoring and community events. The film opens a window on a unique part of the American story – one that has been tragically overlooked, and is happening now.

Together the characters of this film grieve, love and hope. Mirrer weaves together an inspiring narrative about the redemptive power of sharing and the resilience of our nation's Gold Star children, who continue to carry the burden of our country's wars.